Why Dubai

08 June 2012
Written by Administrator
From the tranquil desert to the bustling souks, from the shimmering towers to the warm glistening waters of the Arabian Gulf, Dubai offers visitors a kaleidoscope of attractions. With its geographical location the emirate offers a wide variety of scenery within ease reach. It is possible to experience rugged mountains, vast sand dunes to golden sandy beaches and lush tropical garden and parks all in a single day. Dubai also offers a contrast in architectural styles from the old dusty villages to luxurious residential districts and from ancient houses with wind towers to landmarks for the new millennium such as the Palm and the World.So whether you want to escape to the quiet of the desert, go off road to the rugged mountains, swim in the warm waters of the Arabian Sea or shop in one of the many ultra modern shopping malls Dubai offers a unique blend of hospitality, personality and sheer enjoyment. Dubai has all the advantages of a highly developed economy. Its infrastructure and services are on par with the highest international standards thereby ensuring efficiency, quality and service excellence. Its cosmopolitan society and international lifestyle together with a wide range of business opportunities makes it the perfect place to live and work.

Benefits of working or setting up a business in Dubai
Strategic location within the large untapped Middle East market of around 1.6 billion people with
more than half enjoying GDP per capita income similar to the west

Stability and Government support are key to any business and Dubai has long enjoyed political
and economic stability.

No Corporate taxes, Income taxes or foreign exchange controls. Dubai guarantees a
straightforward framework of company laws, legal procedures and filing processes.

Dubai has a modern world class IT and telecommunications infrastructure together with state of
the art office spaces, flexible leases and a highly skilled, low cost Labour force.

All these factors contribute to a quality of life that is second to none and together with its world
class developments, hospitals, schools and hotels is making Dubai one of the most sought after
places to live and work. We embrace diversity and personal development not only because it's the right thing to do, also because it's smart business.
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